WIWIKAU (What I Wish I Knew About University)

17 August 2020

We asked Zoë Cooke & Joules Sweeney - Founders of popular Facebook Group WIWIKAU (What I Wish I Knew About University) what led them to create the group and for some top tips from their members on moving to University for the first time.

In 2017 after packing the first of my four daughters off to University, my best friend Joules and I were discussing how little we knew about the whole process and decided to start a group on Facebook. We called it ‘What I wish I knew about University’ and aimed to create a space where students and parents could ask any questions they had and quite quickly our community grew.

We currently have over seven thousand members and I'm constantly amazed that I still learn something new from the group every day. There are so many top tips about starting university that we found it quite hard to whittle them down but I have selected some of our favourites from the group to give you somewhere to get started.

Firstly you will want to Invest in some flip flops, having seen the state of the communal shower and kitchen area a few weeks in I would say that they are also lifesaving.

Door stops were also recommended repeatedly and although University regulations mean the fire doors close automatically i’m sure that for moving in day the door stops could be used. It’s a great way to meet your surrounding students and accompanied by a tin of sweets or a crate of cider you make your room even more enticing.

A really good first aid kit is also essential, you can create your own and make sure you arm it with all the usual suspects, fresher's week can be brutal so chuck in berocca and condoms alongside ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Drawing pins for the pin board that seems to be a student staple in most rooms are also essential and should be bought before as one member reported that they were sold out everywhere when they got to University.

If you print off the photos you want to go onto the board before you go that will instantly make your room feel more homely. Make sure you’ve taken photo ID with you passport/driving license and any paperwork needed to enrol on your course.

For more tips or info head over to the Facebook group and you can ask any questions about what you wish you knew about university

Author: Zoë cooke - WIWIKAU