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Would you like to work with us? Then why not share the love and tell your friends about UniKitOut. Simply sign up for an account below, share a custom link and earn rebates on every order your friends place with us - it's that easy.

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1. So how does this all work?

It’s very simple! All you do is send your unique affiliate link to your friends and if they buy anything off our website, this sale will automatically be tracked to you and you’ll receive a 5% commission! You can track how many clicks and sales your link has garnered in the section above.

2. How do I get paid?

If you have earnings in your account and you would like to get paid, simply click the “Request pay-out” button and you will receive an email to choose how you wish to be paid: Paypal or Bank transfer. Then upon approval the money will be with you within 3 working days!

3. Do you support International Bank Transfers?

At the moment we only support national bank transfers. However, if you’re an international student you can either get paid via Paypal or otherwise wait until you arrive in the UK and get your bank account set up. This should happen within the first week of your arrival and then you can request a transfer and collect your commission!

4. How much could I make?

How much you make depends on how much work you put in. Our average commission per order is £6.35, by referring us to friends, posting their link on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and forums such as Studentroom. Save other students the hassle and expense and get them kitted out with Unikitout!

5. How do the prizes work?

We’ll be offering some fantastic prizes for our top 3 affiliates including glowing CV recommendations, Amazon gift vouchers worth £50 and the possibility of a 6 week internship at Unikitout.

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