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Top 10 things to buy in your first student food shop.
Supermarkets can be a little overwhelming if you aren't familiar with the isles. Get some handy tips on how to shop savvy and make your pennies last longer!
How to save money on your food shop!

We know food shopping whilst at university can be expensive and can eat into your student budget, so we’ve put together a list of some essential top tips for saving money whilst still enjoying your food.

1. Swap fresh for frozen!
Frozen food is a student’s best friend, it’s both cheaper and has a longer self-life so it’s a double bonus. Did you know that frozen chicken is half the price of fresh chicken? Imagine how much you could save in a year. Don’t forget about frozen fruit and vegetables as well.

2. Plan Plan Plan! 
Always take a shopping list with you to the shops, this will keep you on track and stop you being tempted by things you don’t need. Also, it’s a good idea to plan meals in advance so you only need to do one food shop a week, making budgeting a lot easier.

3. Don’t shop on an empty stomach!
Shopping when hungry never ends well. Shop after a meal and you’ll be less likely to impulse buy food.

4. Shop in the evening! 
Supermarkets reduced food daily but it’s all about knowing when to go. For most supermarkets around 7pm is a good time to look for reduced items but if you’re really serious about getting some good bargains then speak to a staff member at your nearest store.

5. Membership! 
Signing up to store membership is a great way of hearing about the latest offers whilst gaining points that can be used for store discounts.

6. Batch cooking! 
Cook in large batches, for example make a spaghetti bolognese and then divide it into portions and freeze, then all you have to do is defrost and enjoy. Easy, simple and cheap.

7. Never buy a 5p plastic bag
It may seem like a small amount but buying bags every time you go shopping soon adds up. Take a reusable bag to the shops and you’ll not only save the planet you’ll save money too.

8. Brands! 
Try to avoid brands they usually offer exactly the same product as a supermarket own brand for triple the cost. Don’t waste money on branded products shop smart and avoid big brands.

9. Price match! 
Lots of supermarkets now price match one another, so you never need to worry about spending more because if you do they will give you the difference in store vouchers.

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Five AMAZING cheap and healthy Student Snacks!

Our Top 10 Easy Student Recipes

Five AMAZING cheap and healthy Student Snacks!
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in their first TERM at University!
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Our Top 10 Easy Student Recipes
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10 Top Tips for your first week of Uni

It's a stressful and exciting time

when you're planning to move to university.

Read our top tips to ensure you're prepared.



Tip 1- Make sure your Unikitout Kit has arrived! If you haven't yet ordered, kit yourself out now.

Tip 2- Welcome to your new home, unpack your kit get settled in, and decorate your home for the year any way you like. Jazz it up to your hearts desire, if you are missing a bit of sparkle make sure you have fairy lights. Forgot your favourite blanket at home? Check out the UniKitOut website for any last minute necessities you may have forgotten. 

Tip 3- Time for your goodbyes and hellos! Say goodbye to the friends and family who have dropped you off, have your tissues at the ready. Now its time to introduce yourself to your new neighbour’s, whether its popping into their room or propping your door open make sure you show off your memo board full of photos and memories!

Tip 4- It’s time to immerse yourself in freshers life, head down to the freshers fair and make sure you grab as many freebies as possible (be sure to hunt down the dominos stand!) Then check out the rest of the stands for societies and sports teams to sign up for trials.

Tip 5- Throughout the course of your first week check out as many lunch spots on campus as possible until you find your favourite. If you don’t fancy eating out every day don’t forget to kit out your fridge with a fridge & freezer locker, to keep your food safe!

Tip 6- Get ready for your freshers night outs! Whether it’s a big club night or a society quiz night jump in the shower and have a boogie with your waterproof speaker, get yourself smelling fresh with our feeling fruity pack, then make sure your hair is styled to perfection with your hairdryer. Once you are ready to hit the town have a quick shot out of your new jager shot glasses.

Tip 7- Find your school, its time to pick up your timetable for the first term. Head on a walk round campus. Gathering your bearings make sure to find as many of your lecture theatres and buildings as possible so you don’t have to rush on your first day!

Tip 8- If you don’t fancy a crazy night out then head back to halls for a night of movies and chilling with your new flatmates. Make sure you get cozy in your dressing gown and heated blanket, whilst the smell of vanilla and coconut fills the room from your reed diffuser. Turn the lights off and the fairy lights on for the full cinema experience.

Tip 9- It’s time for your first introductory lecture! Make sure you are up bright and early to grab a seat with your friends. Don’t forget your stationery kit, as you don’t want to be missing any key points. First lecture over definitely time to head back to bed, this student life is exhausting!

Tip 10- Time for your first flat dinner, blow your new your flatmates away with your culinary skills by cooking up a storm with your kitchen kit. Yes, pasta with tomato sauce is considered gourmet at university.

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