6 Must-Have Items in a Sustainable Home: Student Accommodation Edition

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A busy student, living on their own, will always consider living on a budget to sustain themselves throughout the academic year. The concept of a sustainable kitchen is the ideal and wise choice to live comfortably as a uni student.

Incorporating an eco-friendly kitchen into your life will help you to practice a sustainable lifestyle from a young age.

6 Must-Have Items in a Sustainable Home

Here are the 6 must-have items in a sustainable kitchen that you need as a student living in student accommodation. Read on!

1.     Essential Kitchen Tools

To reduce waste and promote sustainability, you should first conduct a thorough review of the amenities in your student housing kitchen to know what’s included before listing down the things you need.

Must-have items include reusable utensils, glass containers, and silicone storage bags, which are some examples of basic essential kitchen tools. If you are on a tight student budget, try looking for kitchen essentials online with student discounts or buying second-hand tools.

2.   Eco-Friendly Cookware

There are environmental advantages to choosing eco-friendly materials over traditional non-stick coatings, such as stainless-steel pans, cast iron skillets, and ceramic dishes.

This sustainable cookware is durable, easy to use, and fuel-efficient, making them not just eco-friendly but also friendly on your pocket.

Non-toxic cookware has many benefits, starting with healthy and tastier dishes and non-toxic food. It is the original non-stick cookware, so clearly, it is the best to go with.

3.    Brita Water Filter

Going green with sustainability and saving, you use a Brita water filter, trusted by more than 300 university students. Its unique, compact and stylish body is so convenient that it fits perfectly into any fridge, providing you with up to 1.4 liters of water.

Plus, with the MAXTRA+ Filter Cartridges, you can enjoy clean and crisp water for up to four weeks before needing a replacement.

And the best part? The MAXTRA+ Filters are recyclable, so you can feel good about reducing your environmental footprint while staying hydrated.

4.   Sustainable Food Storage

Embracing leftovers as a uni student is one of the best ways to become sustainable. However, to contain the leftovers, you must know the right way of food storage.

Proper food storage and the use of sustainable alternatives like beeswax wraps and compostable bags are important for organising and storing food to minimise waste and maximise freshness.

If you are an international student, this is a perfect way to try out your TOEFL speaking skills to build a network with your host country’s neighbours and learn a new way of community sharing.

5.   Zero-Waste Cleaning Supplies

Students must also consider reducing plastic waste and harmful chemicals in their cleaning routine. It not only promotes less chemical exposure but also leads to a toxin-free kitchen.

Your kitchen is the bread maker of your house, and wherever possible, it must be kept free of all unnecessary toxins to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Eco-friendly cleaning products such as reusable cloths, bamboo scrub brushes, and homemade cleaning solutions are a few of the options to start with.

6.  Eco-Friendly Student Duvet & Pillow Kit

Upgrade your sleep game while making a positive impact on the planet with an eco-friendly Duvet and Pillow Kit!

It is a great investment to your student essential kit, crafted from a super-soft fluffy microfibre filling made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, each kit saves a whopping 80 bottles from ending up in landfill!

Snuggle up in comfort, knowing you're doing your part for the environment. Choose from our Pillow Kit, a Single Kit with a recycled duvet and one pillow, or a Double Kit with a recycled duvet and two pillows.

And when it's time for a refresh, simply toss them in the washing machine at 40° for easy care. Sleep well, feel good, and wake up ready to conquer the day!


Ensuring a sustainable home in student accommodation enhances academic life, fosters financial savings, and cultivates environmental consciousness.

By adopting eco-friendly habits and integrating sustainability into their routines, students can cultivate healthier mindsets toward the environment while contributing to a more responsible lifestyle.


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