How to Find a Safe Accommodation during COVID-19

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The unprecedented series of events currently traversing across our globe has overcome our vulnerabilities in this testing COVID-19 era. The mass loss of life, escalating daily has devastated individuals, notably university students whose educational progress and routine has been thrown amuck in these unparalleled proceedings.

Whether you’re a fresher, returning student or postgraduate getting ready to return to the U.K or any other nations, it is undeniable that you will have an array of inquiries on how COVID-19 will affect your academic life. It will of course, be a great benefit if you are informed of the approaches, well-being measures and general changes that have come about before deciding to make a trip away from home to pursue your educational desires.

What to do if you're travelling to the U.K. during Covid-19?


Significantly concerned with the spread of the Coronavirus, the U.K has altered the movement and travel approaches. It is vital you adhere to these approaches appropriately to ensure your entrance to the nation is not hampered. Before arriving to the U.K you must complete a passenger locator form, covering all the essential insights concerning you and your location to date. As responsible citizens exploring the U.K you will have to look into the precautions and safeguards you must make to ensure you protect your location and self. You will also have to keep close your identity documents which will permit your entry to the UK.

What is the visa process to enter the U.K. during Covid-19?

Currently, you will have to keep proof identity on you to ensure you can travel to the UK and of course obtain a student visa if you have not already done so. If you have not applied for a Visa at this point, allow me t take you through the process:

Choose your visa- People travel to various nations for various purposes, say for an excursion, work, or a family occasion or study. If you need to head out to the U.K. for your academic career, you should get yourself a student visa.

Select your Student Visa- It is dependent upon your course length and type. A short term student visa will allow you to study for up to half a year. A general student visa will entitle you to read courses longer than half a year. A child study Visa is suitable for 4 to 17-year-olds looking to learn at an independent school. For those 16 and above you can also complete some work on this visa.

Apply for your student visa- After you have chosen your visa type, you need to apply for a visa on the web or offline, whichever you prefer, alongside the necessary records.

Sit back and wait- After you've finished your application, you'll be required to attend a visa interview to assess your suitability. When you are over with your visa interview, sit back and hang tight for your visa approval.

N.B.- You should note these instructions are relevant for the visa process for travel and trip unique to that of a student visa.

What are the safety measures to be taken care of at the airport?


After you have completed your documentation presentation (Visa and Identity), there will be a series of precautionary checks to limit the spread of Coronavirus on flight. Only after these checks will you be permitted to board the plane. Below are the series of security measures recommended to follow when boarding onto your flight:

  • Remember to disinfect your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer. Avoiding touching your face without cleaning hands appropriately before.
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 meters from other individuals to avoid unnecessary contact. Remember no one can see the virus, so avoiding contact at all costs will reduce the possibility of spreading.
  • Wear a mask of face covering when in and amongst groups. The air at terminals is very crowded even with the limited restrictions on capacities.
  • Get tested before boarding your flight. The staff in terminals will make an honest effort to assist you with thermal testing and coronavirus testing. If they do miss you, do your best to ensure you get checked before boarding and after landing.

14 Days Quarantine is an impulse or a compulsion?

After arriving in the U.K you will need to self-isolate in your residence for 14 days due to the current pandemic. Self-detachment can decrease the dangers of spreading the infection. The symptoms of the virus will generally surface within 14 days of contracting the virus, so this two-week isolation is very important. If you are showing no symptoms after the 14 days of isolation you can boldly move out into the public. The self-isolation is essential and legitimate specialists can fine offenders ignoring the isolation rules up to £10,000. You can even be prosecuted if you do not pay the fine on time.

Is it safe to accommodate in private property retained by the property owners?

The current pandemic has heavily impacted real estate firms and the owners have experienced great misfortune as a result of this. However you can find secure student accommodation in Washington, California, Leicester, Cardiff, and England with all the safety measures taken to safeguard the student living.

As things are constantly changing and the world is still adapting to this new normal, the proprietors have begun renting out properties and opening up for students with specific protocols and protection to ensure there is limited disruption as a result of this pandemic. Let me take you through them:

  • Landowners cannot rent out the property in full as new rules require social distancing to be in place. It is now essential that landlord rent just half the property and the number of inhabitants must therefore be reduced.
  • Landlords are being instructed to ensure they are sanitizing properties consistently to avoid chances of spreading and infection.
  • They have also been providing relaxed rental agreements to avoid students facing difficulties with financial related issues.
  • No students or inhabitants can enter properties without appropriate clinical checks being made and a health report in private accommodations.

What is CoronaVirus? What are the safety measures that you have to follow?


The world Health Organization considers COVID-19 as a deadly disease whose outburst was first seen in Wuhan, China and now the infection has spread causing worldwide deaths and general pandemonium.

WHO and the NHS have outlined explicit guidance for all individuals across the globe until an antibody/vaccination is out and ready available. You should:

  • Wear a mask when out in the open or in close proximity to others.
  • Keep 2 meters separation from others in all situations.
  • Keep away from spaces that are enclosed, swarmed or result in close contact.
  • Avoid indoor settings where possible in any capacity. IF you must be inside, ensure it is safe and sanitary.
  • Clean your hands consistently with alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Clean and sterilize all areas that are regularly touched.
  • Maintain a healthy eating routine to ensure your immune system is strong and healthy.

How to get through the feeling of homesickness after travel?


The yearning to go home when your back in school or university life is a common desire amongst students. Below I have outlined some useful approaches to overcoming the sentiment of nostalgia:

  • Go out to place of interest that you have heard of. Try to explore different tourist spots and activities and find different places to undertake your coursework.
  • Treat yourself with outlandish cuisines and local street foods to support you intellectually, physically and gastronomically.
  • Make the effort to improve your living at home. Contribute to running errands such as tidying and cleaning to make your private areas as close to home as possible.
  • Share your experiences and activities along with lots of love to your family back home. Maintaining that close relationship will help reduce the feeling of homesickness.
  • Aim to exercise as much as possible. If you are not generally fit and healthy you may struggle to keep up with the student lifestyle and end up feeling fatigued or even unwell.
  • Attempt to broaden your knowledge and accomplish something you hold great interest in. The sense of achievement will boost increase your passions and mental state.
  • Life is better with companions. Do your best to make friends and invest quality time and energy into socializing


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