6 Challenges Students Face When Moving to the UK for Education

Posted by Sarah Heys on

Author : Hana Alnajjar

So, how are you feeling after receiving your acceptance letter from the UK university? Excited? Overwhelmed? Or a bit...Worried?

Well, it’s perfectly normal to experience such emotions. Being an international student, leaving your home is quite challenging. However, don’t let your fears stop you from achieving your dreams because here, we identify six common problems overseas students face in the UK and the best ways to tackle them.
Almost every international student has to deal with homesickness during the starting years of their term. You are living thousands of miles away from your family and friends with no hope of meeting them soon. You will make new friends, but again that takes time.
The solution to homesickness is in technology. Get a pre-activated global SIM card before you leave for the UK and enjoy the benefits that come along. Such as:
  1. No extra roaming charges on outgoing calls
  2. Receive free incoming calls
  3. Better connectivity for high-quality video calls
  4. Recharge online from anywhere with any country currency
  5. Staying Connected also brings Peace of Mind.
Managing Finances
While living abroad, it is often difficult for students to manage their expenses efficiently. Our expert tips for managing finances include:
  1. Before applying, check for any Scholarship plans offered by the university or institute.
  2. Engage in a part-time job while studying.
  3. Buy your daily essentials online at low prices.
Cultural Differences
Every country has their own culture, and you might find it difficult to fit in, especially when it comes to roommates. The behaviour of your roommate might seem odd or wrong to you. But in a new place, these behaviours are normal.
Be patient. Generally, ‘cultural shock’ vanishes within a few months or once you get accustomed to the new culture.   
Language Barrier
Students who move to the UK from overseas know a good knowledge of English. But knowing the language and speaking with the natives is different. Understanding British accent and humour is a task in itself.
The solution here lies in practice. Don’t get discouraged that your English is far from native. The more you interact with people, the quicker you will reach your desired level. Or, take a short-term English course.  
The first thing you need when you reach the UK is a place to live. So, it is always advisable to book your accommodation before you leave your homeland. There are many student accommodation providers such as Ocxee Ltd who can assist you to the perfect student room from the comfort of your home.
Whether it’s reaching your accommodation from the airport, or checking out the city’s entertainment options, travelling is a hassle in a new city. Simply book a cheap pickup cab and enjoy a comfortable ride to your desired destination.
All new ventures come with struggles. A bit of resilience is what makes a difference.