Building Community with BOHO's first student accommodation!

Posted by Hannah Thomas on

Imagine a place where you can sleep, study and socialise all under one roof. What if there was a place where that was possible? 

BOHO understands that each student needs the perfect place to stay which also creates a community to meet new people.

Introducing BOHO’s brand new and first student accommodation, Scotway House. A home away from home, this fantastic new development is located near the River Clyde which means you can enjoy a beautiful riverside walk in your free time. The location is perfectly situated in Glasgow’s West End and is close to the University of Glasgow.

BOHO have created a mindful place for students to be able to work, rest and socialise all in the same building. With an entire building dedicated to studying and socialising, students have a space for everything, ensuring there are plenty of places to relax.

Immerse yourself in the outdoor spaces provided and sweat out your stress at the gym. Scotway House also provides a cinema room to chill and hangout with your friends. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better there’s a spacious roof terrace which overlooks the River Clyde. The communal area is home to beach hut-like booths specifically for those who want a quiet place to work. Challenge your friends to a game of table football or have a chill with your friends on the comfy couches provided. Each room is zero deposit to make your life a little easier when booking. This relaxed environment gives students the chance to build community with one another and make lifelong friendships. Having a strong community and support network is extremely important for students.

That’s why BOHO have developed Scotway House to bring the student community together. Under one roof, students can speak to one another about any concerns and ask for advice. The outdoor area is perfect for letting go and relaxing. It’s important to surround yourself with plants and the outdoors as plants are proven to improve with your mood anxiety and stress, they help you sleep and help keep you feeling productive.

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