How to manage A-level results stress

Posted by Annabel Smith on

With A-Level Results Day on the horizon, it's completely normal to feel anxious and stressed in the lead up. Here's our step-by-step guide on what to expect when it comes to picking up those dreaded results & hopefully help make you feel better about this week.

Check to see if your school will be open for results day.

Many schools allow for you to collect your results in person, but you should also have the option of having them sent over electronically. Typically, your school will be open at around 8am for you to collect and receive your results, but this may vary so be sure to check out what time and if your school will be open for results day.

Ensure you have all your UCAS details at hand.

UCAS will receive your results at 8am and your UCAS Hub will be updated. Ensure that you have all your UCAS details at hand to check if you have received any offers, the website will more than likely be busy as other students will be in the same predicament as you.

If your results are not quite what you had hoped for, don't go in to panic mode as there are always options via clearing, which is how Universities fill any empty places they may have on their courses. The good news is you'll have a little time to think about your next steps as you can’t add your clearing option to the UCAS Hub until 2pm. It is best to check out your options as early as possible that day, you can check the official Clearing list by using the UCAS Clearing launch tool.

If you are experiencing any problems with the UCAS Hub, it's a good idea to contact them by getting in touch with their Customer Experience Centre at 0371 468 0 468 – or +44 330 333 0230 from outside the UK (international call rates apply).

What offers to expect on UCAS Hub.

Depending on your results, your chosen Universities will have made a decision and UCAS will be notified, and you will receive either of these options: Unconditional, Unsuccessful or an Unconditional Changed Course.

Unconditional – You have been offered a place in your selected course and University. This will be your firm or insurance offer or if you’re lucky… both.

Unsuccessful – Unfortunately you haven’t been accepted by your choices. However, you are now eligible for Clearing.

Unconditional Changed Course – You haven’t quite met the requirements to secure your offer, but the University has offered a similar course such as a foundation course which requires lower grades. You might also be offered an alternative option, like a deferred entry. Please be aware that with this offer you will only have five days to decide.

If you don’t get the grades you need, do not worry.

If you don’t get the grades you need, do not worry there are so many options that are available to you. If you have missed the grades by a few marks, you can always appeal and get your results remarked and you can contact your chosen University with your decision to appeal and see if they would be open to changing their offer. On the other hand, even though it may not be the desired outcome you can always just accept that you have to go through Clearing, but this might turn out to be a better option for you.

You could also decide to retake your A-levels if you are able to do so and defer your choice until the following year.

Last but not least… Good luck.