Settling into University Our Top Tips

Posted by Sarah Heys on

Moving into university can be a mix of emotions, from excitement to stress and everything in between the first few weeks at university can be a challenge to say the least. So to help we’ve come up with some of our top tips to help you settle in and love university life.

1. Make sure your room feels like home!
There’s nothing worse than your uni room feeling like an empty prison cell (you know what we mean) make sure you decorate your room with plenty of pictures of your family and friends (our amazing Gripping Stuff Tape can help with that). Also why not get some cool posters or fairy lights (or both), just make sure that when you get back from a long day of lectures it feels like home.

2. Join a Society!
Societies are a great way to get to know people and let’s face it there’s a society for everything so there’s no excuse. Search what’s available at your university and see which ones you fancy joining.

3. Explore!
Get to know the area you are now living in. Learn where all the convenience stores are for those late-night essentials, and of course find out where the best and cheapest bars, pubs and restaurants are.

4. Buy a hot water bottle and a blanket!
You’ll thank us on those cold winter nights. Students like to save money during winter so be sure to have a hot water bottle and a thick blanket to keep you nice and toasty.

5. Most importantly study hard and have fun!
Trust us when we say university is the best years of your life so study hard and enjoy it.