Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Posted by Hannah Thomas on

‘Tis the season to be (Uni) Kitted Out…as the cold weather looms, embrace the warmth of our Christmas gift guide to inspire you to be more adventurous this year when giving gifts to family and friends at a fabulous price.


Whether you’re at Uni this Christmas or snuggling in front of the fire at home, enjoy a bunch of our festive goodies to keep you kitted out for Christmas and the New Year. Feast your eyes on our top five favourite best sellers:

Copper Wire Fairy Lights - £10.00

Brighten up your darkest day with our contemporary sparkly copper fairy lights. These little gems will glisten up any room and will bring a real festive feeling throughout your home.

Fleece Throw Blanket - £18.00

Wrap yourself up with our sumptuous and cosy fleece blanket. This will keep you warm and toasty on those cold and wintry evenings, when all you want is pure comfort.

The Pinless Notice Board - £9.00

Tired of blue tack marks on your walls? Have no fear, the pinless notice board is here. These sticky sensations will enable you to decorate your rooms to your hearts content, without leaving those pesky blue tack marks on your wall. Keep your landlord happy this Christmas.

Hot Water Bottle with Novelty Cover - £9.00

Feeling the ick from this cold weather? Cuddle up to one of these softies once filled and fall asleep feeling the warmth in these winter eves.

Mason Storage Jar - £7.50

Bring a little decorative love to your room with these stylish yet functional mason jars. Perfect for storing your goodies and treats as well as having that traditional aesthetic.