Eve Bennett Unboxes UniKitOut

Posted by Sarah Heys on

So the wonderful Team over at UniKitOut were kind enough so send me a big box of stuff from their website to show you guys. A Kit includes everything you need to get started at Uni and you can get it delivered directly to your door.

Basically the premise is that you can order one of their Kits, either their Kitchen Kit, Bathroom Kit, or the Complete Kit full of stuff that you need for Uni including Pots, Pans bedding all the essentials - and you can get it delivered directly to your University accommodation on a day that suits you.

It just makes everything so much easier you don't have to spend hours traipsing around different stores getting everything together. It’s literally got all of things that you would need, a Peeler, a Bottle opener, a Chopping board, Tupperwares, Knives, you name it - it’s there.

Something that I just completely forgot to get when I went to Uni in my second was Tea towels, you’ll definitely need more than one Tea towel, I learned that lesson the hard way. Obviously because of the pandemic, it’s also really important to keep your space clean so they sent me a Cleaning Kit with two bottles of Anti-bac cleaner plus rubber gloves, dusters, bin liners (again perfect for when you just get there and you completely forget that you need to buy all of this stuff.)

Honestly this is such a good idea, if you just want to make your life so much easier and have all your stuff at University when you get there. I wish I’d done this, because when i when i moved it was such a nightmare!


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