UniKitOut & Spaceways: Your Go-To for Easy-Peasy Student Storage

Posted by Sarah Richens on

UniKitOut & Spaceways: Streamlining Student Storage
UniKitOut has partnered with Spaceways to enhance your storage solutions, making them more affordable, convenient, and flexible. This partnership is designed to ease the hassle of managing your belongings, whether you're heading abroad for a year or just need a secure place for your items during the summer.

What is this Partnership?
It’s all about making your life easier. UniKitOut has always been a lifesaver for students needing essentials pre-arrival, and now, with Spaceways’ storage smarts, you’ve got a killer combo that’s ready to handle all your storage woes.



*Exclusive Offers and Benefits*

  • Introductory Discount: Use the code UKO to get £5 off your first month of storage. It’s a great way to save while securing a reliable storage solution.
  • Guaranteed Value: Affordable doesn’t mean low quality. The partnership promises cost-effective storage options without compromising on service.
  • Flexible Service: Life as a student can be unpredictable, but your storage doesn’t have to be. Enjoy adaptable pick-up and drop-off times that work around your schedule.
  • Reliable Security: Rest easy knowing your possessions are safely stored in Spaceways’ secure facilities, managed by a professional team.

*Custom Storage Solutions*

  • Limited Space Solutions: Perfect for students living in shared accommodations or smaller flats.
  • Summer Storage: Conveniently store your belongings over the summer break instead of moving them back and forth.
  • Year Abroad Storage: Securely store your items while you’re away on a placement year or studying overseas.

How to Access the Services
Getting started is simple. Enter your postcode on the Spaceways website, receive a quote, and use the code UKO to enjoy your discount. The process is streamlined to ensure ease and efficiency.

The collaboration between UniKitOut and Spaceways is a significant development in student storage services, offering practical, secure, and affordable options.

So, if you're gearing up for a new academic adventure abroad, or just need a temporary home for your things, consider the new and improved student storage solutions by UniKitOut, powered by Spaceways.