Cost Comparison

We've been asked many times how we compare to the high street and were recently featured on BBC ONE's Shop well for less where Steph McGovern and Alex Jones revealed that the Barnett family could've saved a whopping £186 had they used UniKitOut rather than buying everything on the high street.
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If the BBC ONE research doesn't convince you, we've put together an analysis of our best-selling Kitchen Kit, so you can really see where the savings lie as opposed to buying like-for-like items elsewhere.

How do we do it?

Due to the backing of our parent company (Gailarde) supplying 70% of the UK’s Universities themselves, we are able to offer a competitive rate on all of our products. Being a manufacturer AND a retailer means cutting out the middle man and in doing so, we pass those savings on to you. We’ve done an analysis of our best-seller (our Kitchen Kit) against the closest like-for-like products we could find available on the market.

Lastly, we are 100% transparent. We've collected data as of July 2022 and to show you that we have given fair comparisons, we've included links to all mentioned products so you can be 100% confident that the above analysis is based on real data.

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Disclaimer: Data has been collected on 07.07.2022. We are unable to guarantee that the analysis of any statistics on this page is 100% unbiased although we have been as transparent as possible by including links to each comparison. Our staff carried out a fair analysis based on the closest match available to composition, purpose, quality & style.