Top 10 things to buy in your first student food shop.

Posted by Emma Debson on

So, no matter what everyone tells you - you cannot live on supernoodles for three years. You've just moved away from home where you may be used to reaching for the fridge whenever you're in need of a snack - but now it's your responsibility to fill those cupboards, and we've included some handy tips to help you do that (whilst avoiding buying all of the unneccesary things which you definitely DON'T need!)

Here's our top 10 things to buy in your first food shop.

 1. Carbs (and we mean all the carbs!)

Rice, Pasta and potatoes are fantastic cheap, nutrition dense staples which make up a pretty substantial part of every meal. They're versatile, filling and provide the ultimate 'brain fuel.' Avoid expensive micro-rice and get yourself a rice cooker - you'll save yourself a fortune and always have plenty of leftovers for the next day.

2. A pint of Long life milk

Trust us, keep a pint or two of this in your room for an emergency midnight cereal crisis or for one of those mornings when a black coffee just won't cut it.

3. Frozen veg

Why frozen? Because it's cheaper, and plans change. keep a couple of bags in the freezer to chuck in to a pot or on your plate. Beige food might be enticing at first, but you'll soon start to realise why mum nagged you to finish your vegetables. 

4. Cereals

Boxed cereals, breakfast bars to grab on the go and a bag of oats will be your best friend at Uni. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you definitely don't want to miss this - especially before a 9am lecture!

5. Bread.

Freeze it on the day of purchase & toast straight from the freezer or make up sandwiches in the morning for a super-fresh lunch on-the-go.

6. Passata / Tinned Tomatoes

Forget expensive ready made sauces! A jar of passata or tinned chopped tomatoes can be whizzed up in to a Chilli con carne, Shakshuka, Curry, Soup, Arrabiata pasta, Spag bol, Lasagne or Casserole in no time.  

7. Herbs & Spices

You don't need many to begin with, a simple curry powder, mixed italian herbs and chilli (if you like it hot!) along with salt & pepper is more than enough to get you whipping up a storm in the kitchen. 

8. Preserves

Because peanut butter, marmite, jam or nutella on toast will be your best friend, not just for breakfast but for a speedy lunch, dinner or late night study snack.

9. Tins

Tuna, Baked Beans, Kidney Beans & Spaghetti are likely to be the basis of many a meal to come. Whip up a jacket potato or a chilli in no time.

10. Protein (Eggs/Frozen Meat/Meat substitute)

Include protein in every meal to keep you full for longer. Eggs are a great all rounder and are the staple of so many dishes. Mince is a fantastic versatile protein to keep on hand at all times. Particularly quorn which can be cooked straight from frozen and have you a nutritious dinner from freezer to table in under ten minutes.