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Posted by André Sardo on

Now is the time when moving to University becomes
more of a reality than a fantasy...
and also when the panic kicks in!

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Here you will find our Top Tips of how to prepare yourself for (most probably) one of the most nervwracking and exciting times of your life!


Write a list - There's A LOT of stuff to remember when starting Uni, the more in advance you write a list, the more prepared you will be

Prepare ahead - Ok, so you can't prepare for everything, but knowing where you're going, the local bus routes and the best places to get a burger under £3.50 will save you a fortune!

Do some research - Speak to your friends, or anyone you know that has been to your Uni & learn from their mistakes!

Take each day as it comes - Don't expect to be blissfully happy in your new home straight away, moving away from home can be a daunting process and takes time to adjust.

Realise you're all in the same boat - Everyone at Uni will be feeling the same as you, talk to people and make friends along the way.

Ask for help - Your parents will probably be more than happy to help you pack and move, even if they don't have transport you can save 5% off at www.unibaggage.com using discount code UNIKITOUT5

Learn the basics - Unless you want to live on beans, toast and noodles, ask your parents and friends for basic cooking tips and make big meals that can be frozen in portions.



Stress - As daunting as it can be, try and relax and break up revision and your funds into bite size portions.

Worry if your move doesn't go 100% to plan - if you forget anything, you can order all of your student essentials through our site and have it delivered direct to your halls!

Spend all of your Student Loan in Freshers week - This is a BIG no no - plan your funds and give yourself a weekly allowance to ensure

Expect to be the 'perfect adult' straight away - Moving away from home is a learning process, you won't get everything right straight away (And most people will understand that!).