5 Do's and 5 Dont's when choosing the right degree for you

Posted by André Sardo on

We asked graduates for their take on this, the main
feedback we get fed like a broken record is
"I wish I had looked into my course more."


So your done with College, you and your friends from school all took Art because 'It was the easiest choice...'

You envisaged lazy afternoons painting canvasses overlooking beautiful scenery's smoking roll ups and 'finding yourself' whilst skipping the odd class in attempt to look over 18 at the local boozer where they were all too familiar with students' pretending they just got off a 9-5. Next thing you know, 2-3 years of blissful, carefree college life has passed and your family members keep asking; "So, whats next for you?" And "What do you want to be?" You suddenly realise that you have absolutely no clue of your preferred career path and begin to panic. You naively assumed that one day it would just 'come to you' and your epiphany would tell you that you are destined to be a Designer, Teacher, Rocket Scientist, <Insert childhood career dream here>.

BUT it didn't. Sure your grades are passable, you haven't just wasted the last few years, even if you don't end up going down the path of whatever you choose to study at uni then it still shows discipline and commitment, making you a more desirable applicant for that job right? RIGHT?? A recent article in the Telegraph quoted: 'Almost half of University leavers take on non-graduate jobs' The study by the Office for National Statistics found that 47 per cent of employed workers who left university within the last five years are performing roles which do not require higher education qualifications.

We asked graduates for their take on this, the main feedback we get fed like a broken record is "I wish I had looked into my course more." Or "I should have chosen another path." In a nutshell, we suggest you start with the following bullet points:

Don't: Choose a course because all of your friends are - Uni is one of the easiest places to make new friends, and sticking to your besties like glue is unhealthy!

Don't: Decide on something because you think it will be an 'easy ride' - If you don't enjoy what you are doing there's a limit on how long you will be able to stick at it.

Don't: Listen to myths! If you want to study a course at Cambridge, apply to Cambridge! You don't HAVE to have come from a private school, or live in a listed building.

Don't: Let your decision be swayed by anyone else. Yes it's great when people offer advice, but you have to do what is right for YOU.

Don't: Feel like you have to have all of the answers now. If you are enjoying your course, working hard and getting the grades, the rest will come.


Do: Thoroughly research the course, attend open days, speak to current students - spend time and money on research and you could save yourself a fortune in the long run.

Do: Pick something you are passionate about, not peer pressured into - ever met a florist with a law degree? We have!

Do: Check out work experience options - there's nothing quite like deciding on a career than actually doing it. Most companies will be happy to take on an extra pair of hands - Just ask!

Do: Look at the the three Cs: city life, course modules and career prospects.

Do: Lastly, Trust your instincts - If your course choice feels right, it probably is.