Student accommodation in Nottingham

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The city of Nottingham is known as the "Queen of the Midlands." It is built on the north bank of the River Trent. If you are planning to choose Nottingham for your studies- Stress not. Nottingham has two major universities – The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, welcoming about 60,000 students.

According to the UCAS undergraduate acceptance data, 2018 Nottingham Trent University is the first in the UK for accepted offers and in the top ten for the number of applications.

You can find Budget-friendly, affordable student accommodation in Nottingham with a wide range of sharing flats, ensuites, studios, etc. Your accommodation can be selected according to your budget and requirements. 

On-Campus Accommodation

University halls are most likely On-campus accommodation options, especially if you are a freshman. These halls are always closest to the University. These types of accommodation are more convenient for commuting to your lessons. These student accommodation are sometimes costlier compared to private housing.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Private halls or off-campus student housing is a rented apartment / hall shared among all the students, usually with an attached common kitchen and bathroom. The University Housing provides services that offer advice to students and staff seeking private accommodation and have a range of flats available for all students of the University.

Private Housing

Private housing is renting out a whole house or apartment to yourself. This will prove to be the best option if you prefer having a place to yourself. This is costlier than other accommodation options. According to 2017-18 data, Nottingham housed over 34,670 students. Private student housing options can be cheaper and provide more utilities than On-campus student accommodation.

Student Packing Checklist

It might be your first time to live independently. In these circumstances, it becomes a task to manage all of your luggage essentials. But don't worry, we've put the latest student essentials checklist of EVERY ESSENTIAL THING you need to pack, right from clothing and bedroom necessities, to stationery items and miscellaneous stuff, all without overpacking. 

Valid Passport/ID
Acceptance letter of University
Accommodation contract and documents
Passport photos ( preferably 4-5)
Insurance documents
Bank details along with bank statement (might be used to prove your home address)
Bank debit card
Student Finance documents
NHS medical card
Visa information
Medical prescription.

Though all these might seem tedious, DO NOT forget to carry them along. Keep all the documents together in a safe and secure file.

Night-wear clothing - Pyjamas, nightshirt, and nightgowns
Lightweight jumpers
Casual clothing with shorts, t-shirts, jeans.
Rain jacket
Winter Coat
Extra 5-6 pairs of underwear and socks
Fancy dress / smart clothes
Gloves, scarf, and hat for a relatively warm weather
A good pair of shoes and slippers
Gym bag
A set of formal clothing for interviews and presentations.

Stationery Essentials

Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser etc.
Your important revision notes.
Books from the reading list.
Everything is digital nowadays, but It'd be good if you keep the bilingual dictionary as well.
City guide, map etc.
Information on public transport from the airport and around town
Don't forget your diary; you can write your reminders, feelings, poems or doodles, whatever you want! You can also buy many of these items from our partners at UniKitOut pre-arrival.


Sudden change in lifestyle, being away from family, and friends might sometimes make you feel low. If you continue to do so, it might lead to Homesickness. According to research by NUS (National Union of Students), almost around 70% of freshmen go through Homesickness during University. It might be tempting to stay in your room away from the world in your little haven, but isolating yourself for too long won't help.

Rental Fraud

Short-term rental scams are something to be aware of whilst choosing accommodation. Always let through your University directly or by using legitimate and reputable short-term letting agencies & platforms like Amberstudent; South-East Asia's largest student accommodation platform. Never let a place without first having a look at the actual site. Before signing on the lease agreement papers, be sure whether the person whom you are getting into an agreement with is the real owner and whether or not he/she has all the right to rent out the place. Always consider a written lease agreement only. Before signing the contract, check the agreement thoroughly.

Nottingham boasts beautiful historical attractions, two large theatres - The Nottingham Playhouse and The Theatre Royal, Love art galleries and notable museums. You can head to the National justice museum, City of Caves, New Arts Exchange, and many more exciting and interesting places. Nottingham is a popular cultural destination.