Study Bedroom Checklist

Posted by Sarah Heys on

Melissa Scallan, Author of Starting University (A bestselling, reassuring and easy-to-read guide for students preparing for university in the UK.) Has shared with us a section of the book which has proven most helpful for students moving to University.

The book includes information and advice about what to expect, how to prepare, what to take and how to deal with many of the new experiences you'll be facing during your first year.  

There are eleven helpful checklists alongside advice on friendships and relationships, nights out and staying safe, and food and laundry. From Freshers' Week to study strategies and finances to mental health, it's all included. Melissa Scallan is a journalist, an adviser to UCAS and delivers talks to school and college students about preparing for university. This is just one of the pages within the book to help you with your move.


The book, Starting University: What to Expect, How to Prepare, Go and Enjoy is available to buy now here