Top Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health at Uni

Posted by Lucy Platt on

Starting Uni can be exciting but it can also come with feelings of anxiety, stress and nervousness. During such a big transitional period (moving out of home, moving to a new city, starting a new learning journey) these feelings are completely normal. Below are some of our top tips for helping you to look after your mental health when starting university. 


When moving somewhere new, where you may not know anyone, it’s important not to isolate yourself. Make sure that you integrate yourself in uni life and make the most of the 100s of societies and sports clubs that your university has to offer. From Gaelic Football to Anime & Manga to Baking, at uni there’s a society or club for everyone. These societies and clubs are an excellent way to make new friends and really immerse yourself in your university community. 

Attending your university’s Freshers Fair, normally held in the first week of the year, is the best place to find out all the information you need on joining a new club. You’ll be able to find a stall for each society and club and register your interest. You should be able to find out details about your university’s Freshers Week in your Welcome Emails leading up to the start of the academic year. 

Self Care

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of lectures, clubs and making new friends, it’s important to remember to look after yourself and prioritise self care. Allowing time for yourself and your hobbies is a great way to avoid burning out. Whether it’s reading, running, journaling or cooking, it’s vital to keep doing the things you enjoy to allow yourself to recharge, so you have the mental energy to continue to keep up with your new life! 

If you’re looking for more wellbeing support, check out Student Minds and i am me for more tips for focussing on self care. 

Eating Well 

It can be all too easy, after a long day of lectures, to be tempted to order a takeaway or pick up something quick from your local supermarket for dinner, but making sure you’re eating balanced nutritious meals throughout the week can be one of the easiest ways to look after both your physical and mental health. Fuelling yourself with all the right fruits and vegetables your body needs and avoiding junk foods can help you feel more energised, more focussed and less sluggish. A good idea is to create yourself a list of 5-7 quick and easy meals which you can rotate throughout the week. Why not invest in a student cookbook filled with fast and simple meals, like NOSH for Students Cookbooks, to help inspire you?

Keeping Active

Exercise and keeping your body moving is a great way to relieve stress, improve self esteem and increase your motivation and focus, all things which come in handy whilst at Uni! Why not join one of the sports clubs your Uni has to offer to keep active and make friends whilst you're at it? Most universities also have gyms which you can join at a discounted price. Or if you prefer to exercise on your own, find local running or walking routes in your area, or buy yourself a yoga mat and follow tutorials online from the comfort of your own room! 

Stay in Touch with Family and Friends 

Embracing the new experiences university has to offer is great but it can be easy to get wrapped up in, so make sure you don’t forget about those you’ve left behind! Ensure you keep in touch with family and friends back home, they’re a great support network to get you through those more difficult times and of course they’d love to know all about your new life too!

If you are struggling, universities provide Student Support and Student Wellbeing services which you can reach out to. Speak to any member of staff at your uni who will be able to direct you to the right place.