5 Things You Don’t Need To Pack For University

Posted by André Sardo on

No matter how skilled and proficient you are at
packing, when going off to university for the first time,
you might want to leave the following out.


No matter how skilled and proficient you are at packing, when going off to university for the first time, you’re guaranteed to arrive with a pile of items you don’t need and won’t use.

Every Fresher does it. After all, it’s likely to be your first time living on your own, in the throes of complete and utter independence, so naturally, you’ll have no idea what you need to take to Uni and what can be left behind.

So to help you lighten your luggage and avoid avoid overpacking, here is a handy list of things you absolutely do not need to bring to university.


  1. Toiletries

Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and additional beauty products can add considerable weight to your luggage and which can create issues if you’re travelling by plane - where every kg counts. As you can easily and inexpensively purchase toiletries when you get to university, it’s best to leave behind as many products as possible.


  1. Old School Books and Notes

 Although you might want to be the most conscientious student and start your university life prepared and ready, it’s not necessary to take all your old school books, folders and files. When you get to uni, you’ll be starting from scratch and most of your work from school or college will be irrelevant.  It’s extremely unlikely that you will need all your old school books or folders, but if by chance you do, you can always use a cheap parcel delivery service or a student shipping service to get the item to you.

In addition, avoid buying the entire recommended reading list for your course. Wait until you start your studies to see what reading material you need to purchase and which you can borrow from the library or do without.


  1. Your Entire Wardrobe

 Your clothing space in your university halls or accommodation won’t be that generous, so although it’s tempting, try not to bring every garment you own as there just won’t be enough space. When sorting through your packing, make it a rule to leave out anything you haven’t worn in over a year. Also, at university, you’ll spend a lot of time in your room wearing pyjamas, loungewear and comfortable clothes. As long as you have a good selection of these and a couple of presentable outfits, you’ll survive.


  1. A Printer

 If your course requires you to print a lot of pages, then your own printer may be worthwhile. Otherwise, it will be a waste of space. The university’s own printers will be just as handy and you won’t be bombarded with requests from friends to “just print one little page” for them.


  1. Your Car

 Your car may be an essential part of your daily life at home but at university, it’s somewhat of an unnecessary luxury. Most universities are centrally located within walking distance of most shops and public transport is just as efficient. Parking at university can also be a hassle as spaces are limited and expensive.


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