Getting Back to Uni After Lockdown

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Getting Back to Uni After Lockdown

Whether you’re getting ready for university for the first time or preparing to return post-lockdown, we’ve looked at what might have changed. We know if you’re heading to uni you really want to get the full university experience so we’ve looked at what has changed, but what you can do to still live life to the fullest at university this year!

Learning at University 

Whilst UK students are all expected to be able to return to university and live in halls in the coming months, some aspects of learning will still be remote. Many lectures, particularly larger ones, will be held remotely at the start of the academic year with smaller classes more likely to go ahead in person. From September, practical learning will have returned to normal, so courses such as nursing, physiotherapy and veterinary will all be back in classrooms for practical learning and in settings such as hospitals for placements. The good news is, study areas such as libraries will all be open to use the facilities and use for both individual and group study. You’ll also find a host of other study areas and facilities open to you, such as sporting facilities and study areas in select accommodations.

University Accommodation 

For the 2021/22 academic year, it’s likely you’ll be able to stay in university halls again with the government currently planning on allowing university students to return from 17th May 2021. University halls and shared accommodation really is the best way to meet new friends and get a true university experience. Whilst you’ll be able to socialise and mix with your flat, there may still be some restrictions on mixing with other students in your halls or at least limits on numbers that can get together. By September all communal areas should be open, of course this all depends on the government guidelines at the time.


The important thing now is to choose your accommodation for the new academic year. If you’re looking at halls, consider the location, size of flats, whether en-suite is essential to you or not and of course the price. You may also want to consider private student accommodation, for example, if you’re looking for a little more luxury, beautiful communal areas and regular events true student has it all.


Get out and Enjoy Yourself 

Most importantly, the world is slowly returning to normal. Already, non-essential shops, outdoor hospitality and gyms, among other things, have reopened with a clear timeline set out for everything else to follow. So, although learning may be slightly different to previous years, there are plenty of other things opening back up that you can enjoy with new friends and old course mates alike.


Now you’re heading to uni, it’s the perfect time to try new things and get involved, whether it’s a new sport, an academic club or just a new group of pubs. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, this is now all becoming possible as we follow the government’s roadmap to end the third lockdown, so now is the perfect time to get your bookings in or get looking for a new activity to try.


What to Take With You 

Whilst there’s the typical list of things to take to university with you, there are a few extra bits that you should consider taking with you in light of Covid-19. It goes without saying that an abundance of reusable masks for out and about in shops, communal university areas and other leisure facilities are a priority. But, we’d also recommend cleaning supplies - hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes are great for when you’re out and about and the wipes can help to make sure any communal desks you use are clean. For your flat, it’s also great to make sure you regularly disinfect communal areas such as the kitchen, living area and key touch points such as door handles, using bleach, disinfectant spray and plenty of soap for everybody to wash hands regularly will help with this.


Travelling Back to University 

In the government’s latest roadmap students can move back to university accommodation in England from 17th May 2021 with students in Wales already permitted to return, so going back to uni later in the year or moving into new accommodation for the 2021/22 academic year shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re heading back by car it really is as simple as loading your car up and getting going. Your family/friends are also able to help you move, so don’t worry - you don’t have to shift all those boxes and unpack on your own! Alternatively, many students opt to use trains to get to university which can be useful for those without cars and the majority of train lines are now operating regularly.


If you’re an international student heading to the UK for the 2021/22 academic year, there are a few more things to consider. The government is continuously updating the travel guidelines so we would advise checking the UK’s travel guidelines and those of the country you’re travelling from, but here are a few tips from us.


We’d recommend looking into the possibility of having to isolate when you get to the UK, the costs involved with this and the places where you can do this, it won’t be possible to do in a shared halls environment. It’s also worth considering how you’re going to get a Covid-19 test before travelling if you’ve not already had the vaccination, and what your back up plan is if your first test comes back positive. But don’t let travelling put you off from coming to university in the UK, it’ll be more than worth it once you’re here and settling into university life post-lockdown along with everybody else.


About true student 

With student accommodation options in Newcastle, Salford, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Swansea and Birmingham, true student is knowledgeable to help you with your move to university and ready to support you in the move. All true student accommodation is luxurious with communal study areas, regular days out and even gyms or other leisure facilities such as games rooms in select buildings. Accommodation bookings are now being taken for the 2021/22 academic year with both shared apartments and private studios available.