Five AMAZING cheap and healthy Student Snacks!

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The average Student gains almost a stone
in their first TERM at University!
Check out our healthy snack recipes to stay healthy.


So we all know its not easy to stretch our Student Budgets, and its easy to pile on the pounds when we are buying Pot Noodles & snacking on the supermarket BOGOFS. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, The average student gains almost a STONE in their first term at university - and spends almost £100 a week on food and drink! Even scarier, if you don't break the habit now then you may fall into the category: 'The average student gains two STONE in the first year of university.'

Now, don't think for one second that we are telling you to stop enjoying yourself, we all love a good pizza after a night out! However there are some daily changes you can make, and some truly amazing recipes to follow to make sure that those 'Treats' stay just that!

 Recipe #1 - Speedy Cheap Low Fat Tomato Soup! (We know this sounds really weird, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it!)

 Ingredients: (Makes 4-5 Servings)

 x 2 Tins Carrots including the water

 x 1 Tin Tomatoes

 x 1 Tin Cheap Baked Beans

 x 3 Pickled Onions

 x 1 Vegetable stock cube

 Salt & Pepper


 Chuck everything in a bowl & blend! (You can even use a hand blender which are cheap as chips in the shops) Warm up when needed. That's it!



 Recipe #2 - 2 Minute Hummus for under 50p! (You will  literally never want to buy it ready made again!)

 Ingredients: (Makes 5-6 Servings)

 x 1 Tin Chickpeas

 x 3 Tblsp Natural Low-Fat Yoghurt

 Choice of seasoning: Salt & Pepper / Paprika / Lemon Juice




 Drain Chickpeas, Chuck everything in a bowl & blend! So easy, and tastes 100 times better than shop bought!


 Recipe #3 - The taste of Apple Crumble without the Calories!


 x 1 Large or 2 Small Apples

 x 1 Tblsp Mixed Ground Spice

 x 1 Tblsp Granulated Sweetener

 x 2 Tblsp Lemon Juice (Bottled or Fresh)




 Slice Apples, put in a container with all of the other ingredients and shake! Don't forget the lemon - this preserves the apple. Eat within 12 Hours.

 Recipe #4 - OMG Blueberry Oats


 35 Gram Oats (or x1 Individual Sachet)

 x 1 Handful Frozen Blueberries (Or any fruit you wish!)

 x 1 Pot of Low Fat Yoghurt (any flavor)

 Granulated Sweetener to Taste



 The night before, mix everything together in a Mason Jar. Seal and leave in the fridge overnight. PERFECT For Hangovers. (You can thank us later.)

 Recipe #5 - Cheap Chicken Tikka Salad


 1/4 Bag 'Ready Cooked' Chicken Tikka 

 x 2 Handfuls Spinach

 x 1 Handful Tomatoes

 For The dressing:

 x 1 tsp Granulated Sweetener, splash of white wine vinegar, x 1 tsp mint sauce.



 The night before, mix everything together in a bowl or container. Mix dressing ingredients together & cover. Seal and leave in the fridge overnight to let the chicken defrost.

Don't forget to let us know if you try any of these recipes and what you thought of them! :) Want to see More Recipe ideas? Have a look at our Pinterest! 

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