5 Steps for Moving Out for Summer

Posted by Sarah Heys on

When the time comes to move out of halls or accommodation, it can be hard to know what to do with all your stuff. LOVESPACE have solved this problem for over 15,000 students, and they’ve even gone the extra mile to help you with your move by breaking it down into five easy steps:

Step 1: Check your universities guidelines 

See if they have any specific rules for moving out, including dates and times. You might get an email with important information or general guidelines. If you have all the information, you can plan ahead so there’s no stress involved with moving out.

Step 2: Donate what you don’t need

At LOVESPACE donating your stuff couldn’t be easier. They have a partnership with OXFAM, which means you can pack a separate box of the things you would like to give away, and they deliver it to OXFAM for you, free of charge! It gets collected at the same time as your storage, so there’s no extra hassle involved.

Step 3: Decide where to store your things

If you don’t fancy packing up your belongings, piling them into a van and driving them to a storage unit, LOVESPACE is perfect for you. They collect, store and deliver your stuff, plus you can track everything online. Make life even simpler, order packing materials and boxes from them too. You can store for a month or many, the longer you commit to, the lower your monthly price per box. The best part is LOVESPACE deliver to any mainland UK address, not just where you had the boxes collected - perfect if you’re changing home or city next term. It’s next working day too, so you’ll have your things back in no time.

Step 4: Pack everything up

Use your LOVESPACE storage for it all, from your books to your bike. Once you have a collection date sorted, you can concentrate on getting your stuff in order. If you’ve ordered materials they come next day, so there’s no waiting around. You’ll even get labels so you can stay organised. The only thing to remember is to keep the boxes under 25kg to ensure safe transportation of your stuff.

Step 5: Enjoy hassle-free moving day

Let LOVESPACE do the dirty work so that you can make the most of saying goodbye to friends and making sure everything’s in order for the summer break. Use our final checklist for moving day and you’re ready for a well-deserved break:

If you have booked a collection from LOVESPACE, make sure you have access to the property on the day
Leave your accommodation clean and tidy and book a room inspection if necessary
Report anything wrong with your room e.g. a blocked sink
Don’t leave anything behind – make sure to do a double (or even triple) check
Return all the keys
Provide a mail forwarding address even if you’re returning after the break

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