5 things about starting University your lecturer doesn't want you to know

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Starting a brand-new college or university can be very difficult. As freshers week and the start of term loom ever closer, we are here to give you our top tips to ace your first few days and weeks at university or college.

We are always here to help you through your time at university. We hope these tips will help you ensure that you are settled and ready to start the next chapter of your life.

So let us get into our top 5 tips for coping with going to university. Again, these are our tips. We’d love to hear yours, so feel free to share!

1 - Plan and arrive early before you start your course and throughout your time at University.

Make sure you give plenty of time between arriving at your university and starting your course. This can ensure that you have time if there are any travel delays and allow you time to settle in. It will also give you time to get used to a different city or university. Also, it will help you find the other on-campus areas and where public transport and shops are located. You can meet many fellow students from the halls and new classmates.

It may help if you have a checklist to make sure you have all the correct documentation as well as everything you need.

2 - Take Part In A Wide Range of Events 

Make sure to take part in different events held by the student union. The student union has many opportunities for their students and is a very convenient way to meet new people.

Fresher's events do not always need to involve a trip to a nightclub. You can also participate in many activities to meet others from different courses and learn a bit more about what the student union does.

If you join the Uni connect app, this may also help you meet others in your course and ease your nerves about meeting new classmates. Check with your university or union to see if they offer this to their students.

3 - Be You At Your Induction & Lectures

When you go to your first induction, try to be yourself so that you can naturally make friends with others. Also, ensure you get all the information you need from the induction. So you know what is expected.

Don’t go over the top with personalities that may not be you. You should be yourself and be comfortable with who you are as well.

Don’t ever feel like you’re stupid if you have a question that others may not have said or think may be silly. It’s imperative that if you have questions about university life, you can speak with others and find out. Remember, it’s another milestone on your path, different from college or sixth form.

4 - Look For Opportunities; however, ensure a work-life balance!

People in the third year of their course often say they wish they had taken advantage of more opportunities within the university. So make sure you utilise any opportunities the university may have, such as the student Guild or part-time job opportunities such as student rep or student ambassador.

As people say, it’s a plus for your CV! However, it’s beneficial to come out of your shell if you are shy or struggle with talking to people. It's a great way to meet new people, gain confidence, and stand out from the crowd. Joining a society has significantly benefited me. This is because I have talked to different people from different courses. A more comfortable university experience is a surefire way to attract people of the same interest.

However, make sure you don’t spread yourself too thinly. This is because you need to be able to have time for yourself to study or to relax, but also to work and also balance your work commitments. Having a calendar and a to-do list helps with this, so then you can balance out your times and schedule within your timetable when you are working or having study Sessions for your coursework and stuff like that.

Avoid burnout, as it will make things much more difficult for you at university. Make sure you balance out your time to ensure that you’re able to avoid burnout and enjoy the University experience.

5 - Communication & Support Is vital 

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your tutor, as well as the University itself, has a well-being and support team that will be able to help you if you have any stresses or find university difficult.

Remember, even if you think it’s silly or stupid, they’re there to help you. By communicating and talking about it, you’ll be able to go over these small bumps in the road throughout your journey at university.

It can be worrying at times, so make sure that you have regular support, whether you speak with your tutor, speak with friends or get some support from the well-being/engagement team. It will help you. You can try grounding exercises, writing down your thoughts, mindfulness or meditation. Remember, everyone’s there to support you, and I want you to do your best.

Just to recap, be sure you plan your university move in advance and that you have your checklist and have toured the campus thoroughly. Make sure you look at various events and opportunities that are going on within the University. This will give you a more extensive group of friends and opportunities while you’re studying. Be yourself in your induction to make sure that you feel comfortable and you’re not trying to overpromise or be someone you’re not. Finally, remember that there is support within the University, and everyone is here to help if you have any problems.

We hope these five top tips that your teachers do not want you to know will help you unlock the university’s secrets. But in all seriousness, we hope this may calm your nerves about attending university and offer you some comfort. If you want more well-being tips, please follow our social media for more information.

We hope you enjoyed this Blog. Now, what are you doing while still reading this? Get out there and smash University!

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