What To Do on a Budget for the May Bank Holiday

Posted by Hannah Thomas on

That three-day weekend is fast approaching yet again meaning an extra-long weekend. Here at UniKitOut we have come up with a handful of suggestions of things we love doing on bank holidays.
Take a trip down to your local lake and hire out a pedalo or rowing boat. Race your friends or relax in the sun whilst you drift along the lake.
Show off your cycling skills and go for a cycling adventure around the local parks and fields to soak up that fresh air.
Take a visit to an ancient castle or historical ruins to broaden your knowledge and learn about the fascinating facts about the old English heritage. Walk around the grounds and if you can, be sure to explore the inside of the castle itself.
If you fancy a refreshing cool down, take a dive into your local indoor or outdoor swimming pool. Alternatively, take a trip down to the seaside and have a splash around in the sea.
Visit the National Trust Parks and enjoy a nice long walk with the family or with friends. Take a picnic with and eat your favourite treats whilst soaking up the sun (if there is any). If the weather takes a turn for the worst (knowing this country) treat yourself or make your own delicious afternoon cream tea, indoors.
Be sure to visit art galleries and museums and spend hours walking round and dazing at the incredible paintings and sculptors. This would be a great opportunity to learn about the artwork itself. Take some inspiration, set up your own canvas and paint away.